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Related post: Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 10:02:38 EDT From: Subject: Raw Recruits Ch 2Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of naked kids model this kind where you live, nudes model hungarian then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between young adults. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story. levitra commercial models Raw Recruits. Chapter 2.Hinds was a 6 models boys foot rube from Kansas. Black crewcut... deep black eyes, olive skin, muscular melissa model torrent but not overly so. Clearly he was used to heavy lifting, either in the gym, on a farm, or both.On a larger scale, Sarge's body build was about the same."So you fuck sheep....that true, boy?"Hinds said, smiling, "Nawww, Sarge...sergeant! I never did nuthin' like'at."Sarge barked, "Don'tchu lie to me boy...I top spanish models kin make it tough for you here.""Honest Sarge, if ahm lying....ahm dyin'," the big kid raised up his swearing hand."Okay, I guess I b'lieve gates cad models yuh, but how bout beatin' off wit'cher buds and lippin' some cock for 'em down by the creek?"Hinds was such a doof. He started to say 'No', then blushed and sorta hung his head. "Hey Sarge, twaren't bikini model lingerie nuthin'. Just da guys. Coolin' heels after baling and stuff, we all know hepp a guy out, is baby models nude arena magazine supermodels all.""No mattah, boi....cuz you gonna be DEEP intuh heppin' out 'round here fer the next six weeks...."'WHAP! WHAP! WHAPPP!' Hinds took three shots to his suddenly crotch high face as Sarge slammed him to his knees and beat him around the face with 9 inches of Pvt. 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"You some little stud ain'tchu?"Sarge gave out with a giant guffaw, when the little guy vigorously shook his head, and said, "Yeah, Sergeant...Iyam!""Well, my little big man....tell ol' Sarge how many different cunt you laid since 6th grade, and how many times you children model links got laid.""Thirty seven different cunt Sergeant," he used the sergeant's dirty slang, "and ummm, 575 times.""Holy sheee-it really a fucking boy fool, ain'tchu." Sarge was really enjoying him, and the kid nodded vigorously again in response daphne child model to bompard girls model him being asked if he was 'fuckin' boy pretenn pantiesmodels fool'. "How you knows ezackly how many cunt you dicked, boi?""I keep a diary home sir..sergeant...every fuck...every cunt....and, ummm, I even um...have every panties too, Sergeant."Ol' Carter was hysterical slappin' hands with Shrummy, and hoisting his hard, leaking peter up the back of the boy's butt getting fired up as he could be. "Saved the fuckin' panties l'il keep 'em under yer pillah and sniff 'em at night?"Nodding wildly, and laughing, Shrum said, "Yhhh, I lick 'em out too...just the freshest ones. The others I have in a trunk in the attic.""You a sex freak, boi....and tuh think....yur sex life ain't even begunned yet!" They both laughed crazily, but at not nearly the same things. Sarge had visions of a whole new kind sex life for young Shrummer. He was smiling thinking of the next entry in Robbieboi's 'diary'. celine model One say, about his hot black poker searching out that toyboy's hole there pretty soon, and for a dang long time to come....maybe for longer than say....boot camp?"So what was yur craziest time after btm model gallery your first lay?" Sarge pried some more.Hunching up and down koren nude models in Sarge's lap, he pulled his feet out from under and wrapped his arms around his knees, his back propped against the desk. "Ummm, I guess it was the girls' sleepover at my house. I was 14. 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If I wasn't so fuckin' ready to blow a wad, I'da been embarrassed that they violated my room."When we got downstairs, there were all the girls bein' shrill and giggly, with hands to their young models myusenet faces sniggering, and they was pointing at my pud tenting out my red and yellow polka dot know...the kind Michael Jordan wears in that ad."Well fum behind, one of the girls yanked 'em down and I was balls naked, scurrying for enough hands to cover my every part."Didn't matter....five girls picked me up and layed me on top of a quilt that was covering our pool table. I had just run the table on that goofy Davey fum across the street and won three bucks that afternoon on that table. Now here I was butt naked in front of 7 15 year old girls, and at their mercy no less. They actually tied me down! Hands and feet. to each other under russian bride model the table. 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Boy they found that spot underneath my knob that drives me wild when I diddle it...and THEY diddled it. They were surprised that ooze was leaking out my dick head after that. bikini galleries models Then they kept saying, "He got a seam on his baggy thing." I laughed but realized I only had nutsack and ballbag as names for it myself. 'Baggy thing' sorta seemed right, too."Anyways, I have a seam down the center of my young model porn nutbag, and they was fingering it. An' it runs clear down that flat space under my nuts and back to my butthole. They kept running fingers down it and thrillin' me all up. I guess not ever' kid has a seam...well, anyways, I do."Then they said I have a wrinkly pieces of skins looking like wet tissue paper that dried against each other on the bottom side of my cock. THAT, I knew about. I play and goof with christina model exposed my cock every day, and I saw that one time while I was pulling it in front of my folks' bureau mirror. Ha! 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I was fuckin' rock hard again!"This time they small photomodels pics played longer, and I didn't go off. They diddled that hot spot underneath. Then they got wilder and started hitting at my hard peter making it bob and bounce young bikiny models around. They loved how it angled up just above my belly at full hard. They'd pull it way up and let go, laughing as it smacked back down. They even pulled open my pisshole. Rubbed their fingers in and around the ridge of my cockhead. They felt up and down the big vein on top, and the big piss tube underneath. They ran their fingers into my cockhair...which I had in a full array already."Then something really wild happened....three girls ran their fingers 'round and 'round my balls, to gymnastic models that flat spot between my nuts and asshole. Geeez, I never knew how hot that is under there. I knew my butt made me hot if I fingered it when I whacked, but this was something else."After an hour of this, jlo lingerie models they all took turns to rub me off. Each teen model vidclips one would pull me a few strokes on my steelrod until when I started to bump and tight pussy model bounce on the table. Then they all squeezed a finger around my 7" pud and brought me the fuck off again!!! I shot so much, and my feet kept kickin' up and down and my head and butt were bobbing up and down till I was finally spent all out. I saw three of the girls scooping as much goo as they could their hands on to lick....even fingering it off my dick and cockhairs, and chest. Some licked it right off my body....and even my dick!"My sister untied me, and gave me my boxers back. I staggered outta the playroom and up the stairs to my room naked, my boxers hanging off my fingers."Sarge I couldn't wait to tell every kid I knew what they did to me next day at school, but just then I was so fuckin' tired, and could barely plan getting one foot in front of the other....I just dragged ass to my room and flopped dead away in my bed."This went in my diary Sarge....then the finale!!! I thought things were sweaty in my bed after a while. They sure were! I had three girls in my fuckin' bed with me. The same girls that were lickin' up my fuckin' jizz before...wanted more! They pushed my legs up, and one of them was eating out my ass...the next one was sucking my balls, and the last one was suckin' my dick. THENNNNNN, THEY SWITCHED!!!! AND SOON THEY SWITCHED AGAIN! Sarge, I was outta my fuckin' mind!!!! All the mattress shimmying, hands and tongues there in the girls import models dark and all over me was so mystery-like, and crazier because it was all in the dark."Thenn, oh my goddd! Then, they each took turns riding my big boy poker. My folks were on the other side of the house, and thankfully, my bed didn't squeak. Sarge they rode my peter till I blowed up inside each'a dere pussies. Thennnnnn, they begged me to plow the three of prototyping model them all over again, but on their backs with their feet wrapped around the back of my neck. While I fucked one, the others kneeled next to me and I tessa model young would switchoff pretty tiny models fingering their cunts and lickin' their nipples. They 12yo teen model also got under me a few times and eated at my balls and even up where supermodel lingerie bikini my cock was plowing their friend's cunt."Sarge, I cummed 8 times that night. Twice on the pool table by handle, and 6 times in my bed by cunt. It was almost my biggest childsupermodels top list ever fuck around in one time."Robbie Shrum was wild eyed in Sarge's lap as he finished his tale with his hand litli girls model tight around his pretty model portfolio pink leaking boy dick. Then he remembered something, and added, "Oh yeh, and I took their panties.""Tell me, young stud, what was the most times you nude hungarian models did blow yur load with the same girl after you first dipped yur wick into her soft, soothy-like cunt petals?""Seven, Sergeant. tiny nn models It was Kelleen....when I was 15. We went swimming together skinny-dip ....picnic sorta. We had snacks just in a towel around both of us. We made out, I slipped into her. She said she loved to pedo model gallery hear my little gurgly scream when I cummed each we southern belle models kep' up doin' it." "So," Sarge said, "seven times?"The kid nodded, and then said, "Yeh, Sarge, then." "You mean there's more to it?" Sarge asked.Shrum nodded, and said, "We raced to the water....I won. Then as payment for winning, I fucked her in the water...standing and then again, at young princess models the edge of the bank. youngest porn model Man, Sarge, it was know, I fucked her in the mud man! It was great! Sarge, man, oh Sarge! super models It was beautyful models naked better than great. That fuckin' mud-slop little beautiful modeling under us while we fucked made such wild young pantymodel 'Phuluppk! Flupp! Suhlupp!' sounds that made it all so, I don't was so fuckin' HOTTTT! And then, and then," the kid was amagination models nude so excited black model photo telling it all, he had Sarge hard as a brick and anxious himself, "and then, I let her rinse me off with mouthfuls of water and water she cupped onto us in her hands, onto her and me. Then alison matts model we went back to the picnic blanket, I spread ketchup, mustard and salt on her pussy, ate it out, then fucked her the rest of the afternoon ....four more times."Sarge had been picking Shrum up into the air above his lap as the young stud private finished his cunt fuck story. The kid was so excited he didn't even pay mind to Sarge slicking his fingers in the kid's mouth between breaths and working them through his joy slot.Sarge gobbed the boy models two wads of spit to his hand as the boy was coming down from his superheated sandre teen model tale. Sarge swabbed his big little model pubescent black truncheon with it and lowered Pvt. Shrum on down, slowlee, slowlee, fuckee whiteboi [mb]Before Shrum knew he was fucked, Sarge's entire rail was up inside the boy, and he could feel Sarge's scratchy cock hairs tickling at his cheeks and bunghole.The kid never whined, or screamed. The super heated black boy banger made the young soldier tremble with every inch that new girl model drove up inside his virgin boypussy. Sweat just oozed out his pores. He never made a sound as he shook, shimmied and quaked on that cockpole. The tears flowed freely as he absorbed the gut-wrenching pain!A turn to the right and a turn to the left and Sarge was getting himself off by twist-jacking the boy's asshole over his 9 inch prick. Sarge always held off but this cute little cuntboy had him so wired with his stud story, he shot his load within three minutes. He was whirling the boy left and right on his pole so fast the kid started to blubber and spit drooled from his mouth, as his head rocked up and down and side to side like a bobble head doll.In the last throes of Sarge's bangoff, he bounced the young fucker up and down while he twirled him, and the kid went off like a firecracker himself, shooting ropes of teenboi jizz up his chest and under his neck. Sarge surprised himself when he child models spanking licked the kid's jam off him and licked it onto the boy's mouth, lips and tongue till it was all gone. He licked all the way up the kid's face from chin to hairs, and told the boy to get down, clean and service Sarge's cock, finger the spooge out of his own asshole and eat it, then get his boxers on, and go back to his bunk. "Gitcher yer little toolbox in here at 11 tonight boy, and we'll see if we can develop some more stories fer you toplist model archive to english models nude write in yer 'diary', heah?""Yes, Sergeant," the cum licking boy answered. Sarge went into the shower and straightened up the other fuckboy in there. When he nude models seattle heard Pvt. Shrum leave, he shoveled Pvt. Hinds out of the bedroom, shook him alert, and told him he was gonna be able to handle mancock right fine before he graduated 'basic'. Solemnly, Hinds nodded, and mumbled something that foto gay modelos sounded like "Yes, Sergeant."He staggered out and Sarge told him to send Pvt. Hodge to him.By the time Hinds stumbled down the aisle and up the stairs to get ann seim model Hodge, Shrum had passed out on his cot. It looked like his toytail cheeks were still trying to squeeze on ol' Sarge's 9 incher the way his boxers kept wigglin' and crinklin'.The thirty six black boys in the 4 squads were in awe of the whole night's activity....and it wasn't close to done yet."Pvt. Hodge reporting as ordered Sergeant," Hodge saluted at attention.Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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